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  • Translated Courses
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A key feature that many students require is the ability to take notes on-site

  • Make notes on each lesson with our responsive note module
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    Minimal & Effective

    The UI of our portal has been kept minimal and tailored to ensure there is full concentration when you’re studying.

  • Clear audio quality on all of our videos
  • Downloadable materials provided for the relevant courses
  • Easy navigation between lessons/quizzes
  • Pricing

    At an affordable price, we made it feasible for our students to pay monthly to partake in any online course they desire on our platform.

    Premium Membership

    £ 10 / per month
    • Access to all online courses.
    • Access to exclusive content produced outside of seminars.
    • Access to our Fatwa Bank filled with Q&A
    • Access to take Alimiyyah Exams (With Certificates)
    • Access to Student Notes
    • Access to Telegram with other students

    Is this portal for you?

    I want to start studying my religion

    Full access to the whole Alimiyyah, covering Fiqh, Hadith, Seerah, Tafsir and more. Also you will have access to Introduction to Islam course.

    I want to study Arabic

    We have available for you Gateway to Arabic, classes that were held by Ustaadh AbdulWahid Stephenson!

    I want to study Tajweed

    Start practicing and studying Tajweed rules with Shaykh Sharif Zain and his students. Study the Course Al Jazariyyah or the Basic Tajweed

    I want to learn about our Prophet ﷺ

    An in-depth seerah course available for you to study, going through the journey of our beloved messenger ﷺ

    I want to study some history

    Study the historical era of the Umayyads and the Abbassids. We're just getting started! More historical courses are to come in sha Allah

    I want to study Tafsir of the Quran

    With the new Juz Amma Tafsir course, you can just do that. Alongside that we have full Tafsir of Surah Al Kahf and more to come your way