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An online portal exclusive to our students with the full Alimiyyah, Fiqh, Family Series, Aqeedah, Seerah and more courses.


Stuck at home and can’t attend the college? Study our online courses!

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Is this portal for you?

I want to study Arabic

We have available for you Gateway to Arabic, classes that were held by Ustaadh AbdulWahid Stephenson!

I want to start studying my religion

Full access to the whole Alimiyyah, covering Fiqh, Hadith, Seerah, Tafsir and more. Also you will have access to Introduction to Islam course.

I want to study Tajweed

Start practicing and studying Tajweed rules with Shaykh Sharif Zain and his students.

I want to learn about our Prophet ﷺ

An in-depth seerah course available for you to study, going through the journey of our beloved messenger ﷺ

I want to study some history

We're just getting started! A whole course on the Umayyads has been recorded and more historical courses are to come in sha Allah

I want to study Tafsir of the Quran

With the new Juz Amma Tafsir course, you can just do that. Alongside that we have full Tafsir of Surah Al Kahf.


Our team at Madinah College ensured that students will be able to access the courses on the go, hence why the portal has been made responsive on all devices.

Minimal & Effective

The UI of our portal has been kept minimal and tailored to ensure there is full concentration when you’re studying.

  • Clear audio quality on all of our videos
  • Downloadable materials provided for the relevant courses
  • Easy navigation between lessons/quizzes

Note Taking

A key feature that many students require is the ability to take notes on-site

  • Make notes on each lesson with our responsive note module
  • Access your saved notes for each lesson on your account
  • Ability to save notes as PDF or to Print
Our Courses
New Course: Cures from the Quran

At an affordable price, we made it feasible for our students to pay monthly to partake in any online course they desire on our platform.


Per month

  • Unlimited access to all online courses.
  • Unlimited access to exclusive content produced outside of seminars.
  • Unlimited access to our Fatwa Bank filled with Q&A

Yes! Fortunately we have recorded all of our seminars with the Mashaykh and have uploaded 3 levels of the Alimiyyah on the portal. This is still on-going so will be updated once conducted.

This is not a downloadable application, however it is responsive and can be accessed across all devices.

Yes, our portal and content is accessible for students based in international countries.

We are recording/editing every day at the college and ensuring that good quality content is being delivered to you! So expect regular courses in sha Allah

Simple steps of clicking Register, filling in your details and you will have full access to all courses!

Aside from the quality courses we have, you will have access to our fatwa bank filled with Q&A’s from Mashaykh who visited us and answered Fiqh questions. You will also have playback access to paid courses onsite such as the Ibn Uthaymeen Dawrah.

Yes you can by going to My Account and cancelling.