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Alimiyyah Exam

Alimiyyah Programme Exam Procedure

The Alimiyyah programme on Madinah College Portal is a structured course that allows students to follow a methodology of seeking knowledge in stages, as laid out and traversed by the scholars. A student who studies the Alimiyyah programme is on a path to learning and understanding the religion from the ‘Ulema, the scholars, who the inheritors of the prophets.

The programme methodology focuses on:

1. Studying classical and contemporary texts in the main sciences
2. Reviewing the texts on a regular basis
3. Starting with the beginners texts.
4. Sitting an examination after each course (£50.00 fee required)

Level 1 Exam Structure:

Multiple Choice
(23 Questions)

Umdatul Fiqh
Multiple Choice & Written
(15 Questions : 13 MCQ & 2 Written)

Al-Qawaid Al Muthla
Multiple Choice (10 questions)

Al Muqadimah Fi Usul Al-Tafsir
Written (9 questions)

Usul Al Thalatha
Written (15 questions)

Usul Al Fiqh
Written (15 questions)

How to sit the exam:
The student must sit the exam at Madinah College or at your local masjid under supervision. The student is responsible for arranging and paying any costs of sitting it at a masjid or muslim community centre.
To arrange an exam at the college, please send an email to
info@madinahcollege.uk with the following details:
1. Full name
2. Portal email address
3. Telephone number
4. Name of course
5. Date you started and completed the course
6. Name of the person invigilating and masjid (if you are doing it away from Madinah College)
An admin will then contact you to book the exam.
Once you complete the exam, you will be awarded a certificate of completion. A student who completes a course does not become a scholar and is not qualified to give religious verdicts.

Syllabus of Level 1

Syllabus of Level 2

Syllabus of Level 3 (On-Going)