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Arabic is important for having a correct understanding of the religion and should be studied alongside any other subject you are studying. The Quran is revealed in Arabic and the prayer, which is five times daily, must be done in Arabic. So go through the Arabic courses alongside any other course you are doing, starting from beginners and working your way up.
The Quran is the speech of Allah and the source of guidance. Therefore, like Arabic it should be continuously studied alongside any other subject you are studying. Start with courses in Tafsir of Quran and if you are a new muslim How to read Quran. Then study the science of Tajweed and principles of Tafsir alongside continuing your study of tafsir of the Surahs that you are memorising.
Tawheed & Aqidah
Tawheed and Aqidah focuses on how to worship Allah correctly and the muslim belief. It forms the foundation of building sincerity and allows us to fulfill the purpose of our creation. Tawheed of worship and its opposite shirk should be studied first alongside the meaning of Islam and the shahadah. Afterwards, students begin to study Aqidah, and the different groups and sects that came about over the course of time that deviated and introduced new matters in the religion.
Hadith focuses on explanation of the sayings, actions and approvals of the prophet Muhammad ﷺ as well as the tradition of preservation of the sunnah. Students start with small books on hadith collections and then move on to studying the principles of hadith methodology and the sunnah.
Fiqh is knowledge of the halal and the haram and the practical daily aspects of worship, starting from the pillars of islam and including marriage, divorce and everything related to business transactions. Beginners begin by studying the fiqh of prayer, fasting and Zakat and then move on to studying other aspects of fiqh like marriage and divorce.
Seerah is the study of the events in the life of the prophet Muhammad ﷺ and Tarikh / History looks at the four rightly guided caliphs and the following islamic empires, the Ummayyads the the Abbasids. On the portal student get to walk through the history of Islam from the time of the Prophet Muhammad to the various kingdoms and empires. 
Raqa’iq are heart softeners, subjects that encourage and admonish the believer and bring about transformation and change. The portal has over 50 short talks and reminders on topics that motivate you to purify your intentions and action and seek the hereafter and noble characteristics all delivered by graduates of islamic universities and students of knowledge. 
Finally, advanced students can study the unique Alimiyyah programme and complete 3 levels of islamic classical texts in 6 sciences, taught by ‘ulema and professors of islamic universities. All of this from the comfort of your own home.

Science of Hadith (Al Bayquniyyah)