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Al Ajrumiyyah (Classical Arabic Grammar Book)

7th May 2023
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Al Ajrumiyyah is a classical Arabic grammar book written in the 13th century by the scholar Muhammad ibn Da’ud as-Sanhaji. It is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential works on Arabic grammar, and is often used as a starting point for students of the language.

The book covers a wide range of grammatical concepts, including parts of speech, sentence structure, verb conjugation, and noun declension. It is divided into a number of sections, each of which builds upon the concepts introduced in the previous section.

This course covers:

  • Introduction to Arabic grammar and the importance of Al Ajrumiyyah
  • Parts of speech, including nouns, verbs, and particles
  • Sentence structure and word order in Arabic
  • Verb conjugation, including regular and irregular verbs
  • Noun declension, including cases, gender, and number
  • Pronouns and their functions in Arabic
  • Prepositions and their usage in Arabic
  • Numbers and counting in Arabic
  • Syntax and sentence analysis in Arabic
  • Advanced grammar concepts, including rhetorical figures and poetic meter

Throughout the course, students will be expected to memorize key grammatical concepts and terminology, and will be given practice exercises to reinforce their understanding of the material. By the end of the course, students should have a solid foundation in Arabic grammar and be able to read and understand basic texts in the language.

This course is taught by Ustadh Abdulwahid Stephenson. AbdulWahid Stephenson has over 15 years teaching experience and has studied Islamic Jurisprudence at the prestigious Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia. He is the founder of Madinah College and Insight into Islam. He is also a Khateeb and has delivered talks at several universities and Islamic centres.

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