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L1 | Al-Bayquniyyah | Shaykh Faisal Al-Jasim

1st January 2020
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The knowledge of usul al-hadith is a science that serves the radiant Prophetic traditions; with it one can distinguish the Prophetic narrations in terms of authenticity and fabrication, soundness and weakness.

Al-Imam Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak said, The quality of the hadith is not in the conciseness of the isnad, rather its quality lies in the soundness of its narrators.

(This was recorded years ago and the quality of the video wasn’t great, however, a lot of benefits to be taken from this course in regards to the Science of Hadith as beautifully explained by Shaykh Faisal Al-Jasim

Course Instructor

Shaykh Faisal Al-Jasim
Academic Advisor of Madinah College

Shaykh Faisal Al-Jasim is Madinah College Academic Advisor and the head of the Alimiyyah Programme. The Shaykh is a Khateeb, Imam and teacher in a Jaami in Kuwait. The Shaykh has authored many books and is a specialist in the subjects of Islamic Creed (Aqidah) and Methodology (Manhaj)


Abdulwahid Stephenson
Academic Director and Graduate of Islamic University of Madinah, Faculty of Shariah

AbdulWahid Stephenson has over 15 years teaching experience and has studied Islamic Jurisprudence at the prestigious Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia. He is the founder of Madinah College and Insight into Islam. He has also given a number of talks on a variety of islamic topics at top Universities in London

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