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Explanation of Al-Jazariyyah

9th July 2023
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The Quran being the most perfect Book and the direct speech of Allah, grasping an understanding of how to recite and the ruling when it comes to its recitation is fundamental for every muslim.

This course covers the famous poem of Tajweed, al-Jazariyyah by Ibn al-Jazari (Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Yusuf al-Umari al-Dimashqi) Rahimahullah. This course will cover chapters of:

  • Introduction to the Poem
  • Chapter on Makharij
  • Chapter on Sifat
  • Chapter on Tajweed
  • Chapter on Precautions
  • Chapter on the letter Raa
  • Chapter on the letter Laam
  • Chapter on Isti’la, Itbaaq and others
  • Chapter on Idghaam

& more!


Shaykh Sharif, a well known Qari and teacher, is the head of the Quran department at Madinah College. The Shaykh is the founder of Hifdh Madrassah in Streatham and a judge of annual Quran Memorisation Competitions. Listen to the amazing recitation of the Shaykh on his youtube channel and watch his top tips on how to memorise Quran

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