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Beginner Muslim Programme

For new Muslims and Muslims who want a good understanding of Islam. Learn the basics of Islamic Knowledge and the beautiful teachings of Islam. Lessons are taught by Ustaadh AbulAbbas. This course will cover: - The foundation of Islam - What a Muslim Believes - Our duties towards Allah - Our duties towards others - How to achieve nearness to Allah

Gateway to Arabic Level 1

This course teaches the neccessity for reading and writing the Arabic language; starting from the alphabet of Arabic and picking up gradually on combining the language skills of reading, listening and speaking, which is essential for every beginner.  

Usul al-Fiqh for Beginners

Study what is considered evidence in Islam, the various Islamic rulings and the key principles that scholars use to deduce Islamic rulings. The course is an explanation of the beginners text Risalatul-Lateefah by Shaykh Abdurrahman as-Sadi which is ideal for the beginner student of knowledge.