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Fiqh of Hajj

19th October 2023
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Fiqh of Hajj taken from Manhaj Al Salikeen covers the key topics to Hajj. Giving you an introduction to Hajj, the conditions and pillars of Hajj, the mistakes and other fiqh issues pertaining to this pillar.

Ustadh Yasin Munye is a graduate of King AbdulAzziz University in Jeddah, from the faculty of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies. Alongside that he has studied under many of the scholars in Makkah and is currently pursuing a Masters. He completed his memorisation of the Quran before he left for his studies, and has since attained Ijazah in Hafs and Soosi. He studies in the Haram in Makkah with the Hadith scholars Shaykh Wasiullah Abbas and Shaykh Muhammad Adam Ethiyopi, from whom he has obtained Ijaazat in Sahih Bukhari, as well as attending the intensive seminars in islamic classical texts of Shaykh Salih al-Osaymee.


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