History of the Umayyads

History of the Umayyads

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The years 41 to 132 A.H are the most formative years of the Ummah, politically, socially and geographically. These years and the leaders who tried rule have left a permanent stamp on history, which has shaped the Islamic world, thus the whole world we live in, to this very day.

Course Objectives:

The scholars of the past and the present have given importance to the study of history, as an enhancement to Islamic knowledge, for an understanding of people must be biased on the experiences of those people. The study of history does not teach us directly how to worship Allah, but it is a necessity to understand our present and a lesson for future. It is a steppingstone for students learning how to give Dawah, to stand up to the lies told about our past and to put our present in to historical perspective.

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